About BGM

Hi there, My name is Dane Brandt, owner/operator of BGM, and this is my lovely Bride-to-be Simone. I am currently 27 years old, and I am doing all I can to build a future for my family. I Have worked as a manager of a landscaping company for quite some time, My team and I managed some very high-end residential accounts as well as top of the line commercial properties. I am very well versed in all aspects of landscape maintenance as well as most types of construction, I began working at the age of 7 with my father and have been working with my hands ever since. Prior to working as a landscaper I remodeled Homes across the Southeastern part of our country, where I learned quite a bit on the bottom lines of increasing the value of a property, as well as all the technical knowledge that is needed to get the job done.

I am the kind of person who loves to help people, I feel a deep sense of satisfaction when I see that I have somehow impacted someone’s life for the better. While working as a landscaper I noticed the joy on the customer’s faces when we finished our job. I began to analyze this to try to find out why they were so happy and why that brings me so much joy as well. After weeks turned into months of me trying to find out just what it was that brought all this joy I finally had a breakthrough! W. Clement Stone is famously quoted saying “You are a product of your environment.” and as a landscaper my job was to quite simply improve the environments of the customer! All of the sudden I went from a guy cutting grass to someone who is given the opportunity to make an impact on the quality of life of so many people. That was when I knew I had found my calling, at that moment I realized that by doing something as small as cutting someone’s lawn for them, I could have a real impact on them which opens them up to have an impact on someone else, which one baby step at a time, makes the world a better place!

Once again, my name is Dane Brandt, This is the BGM Mission, This is my Dream!


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