Cutting The Grass


Cutting a lawn seems fairly basic; and it is if you want a basic looking lawn. But to have a lawn that is truly great and awe inspiring there are quite a few variables that must be considered.


Striping patterns – most lawns you see will not be striped, this is accomplished by rolling the grass over in a specific pattern that makes the sunlight bounce off the blades to produce the light/dark contrast you see above.

Changing the mow pattern – Not only does changing the pattern on a bi-weekly schedule ensure the grass is at optimal health, it also can give you a beautiful diamond pattern. *Other patterns are available upon request, there are some really impressive ones out there.

Weight of the mower – Some lawns cannot support a big mower that the average company will send to your yard, leaving muddy tracks and indentations in the lawn which can lead to inconsistent watering and fertilization, leaving you with an uneven, unsightly lawn.

Bagging the clippings on a scheduled basis – some grass clippings falling back into your grass can provide extra nutrients and increased water retention, too much however can stunt the growth and prevent nutrients from getting to the living grass underneath.

Proper Deck Height – Different grass varieties have different optimal heights which correlate with the temperature and sun exposure. Our team of experts know exactly how low to mow your lawn at what time of year to get the very best results.