Cutting The Grass


Cutting a lawn seems fairly basic; and it is if you want a basic looking lawn. But to have a lawn that is truly great and awe inspiring there are quite a few variables that must be considered.


Striping patterns – most lawns you see will not be striped, this is accomplished by rolling the grass over in a specific pattern that makes the sunlight bounce off the blades to produce the light/dark contrast you see above.

Changing the mow pattern – Not only does changing the pattern on a bi-weekly schedule ensure the grass is at optimal health, it also can give you a beautiful diamond pattern. *Other patterns are available upon request, there are some really impressive ones out there.

Weight of the mower – Some lawns cannot support a big mower that the average company will send to your yard, leaving muddy tracks and indentations in the lawn which can lead to inconsistent watering and fertilization, leaving you with an uneven, unsightly lawn.

Bagging the clippings on a scheduled basis – some grass clippings falling back into your grass can provide extra nutrients and increased water retention, too much however can stunt the growth and prevent nutrients from getting to the living grass underneath.

Proper Deck Height – Different grass varieties have different optimal heights which correlate with the temperature and sun exposure. Our team of experts know exactly how low to mow your lawn at what time of year to get the very best results.

Brown or Discolored grass?

Turfcare Solutions

Proper turfcare is key to having a perfect lawn, but what happens when things go wrong? Most people assume brown or discolored grass simply means it needs more water. Sometimes that is all it needs to go back to that perfect, green lawn that you and your neighbors love. However discoloration can be caused from multiple issues, the most common causes are: Drought, Improper Mowing Techniques, Fungus, Disease, Damage from Pests or Weeds, or Lack of nutrients. Our turfcare professionals know how to treat these issues, but as always the best treatment is prevention! Visit our Services Offered page to find a solution that will work for you. Clients can also Contact Us and we will help you with your turf care solutions.

How do I plant a tree or shrub?

Most people assume you dig a hole and put it in. Yes most times this can work, but it is optimal? Quite simply, No. It always depends on the species of shrub or tree but as a general rule, dig a hole twice as big as the pot, back-fill the extra space and water it like your back yard is Death Valley!

Shrub Trimming

Different Shrubs like to be trimmed in different ways, much like different people enjoy different hairstyles. Our professional staff will make sure your shrubs get the trimming that makes them look the very best!

Spring Cleanup

Our heavy winters in the Pacific North West can wreak havoc on your landscape, let us clean that mess up for you so you can spend your time worrying about more important things.

Fall Cleanup

Nature has a way of making a mess of things every fall. Luckily, our trained professionals, combined with top of the line equipment and training in efficiency are here to help! No matter if you have a pine tree that dropped three needles or a maple and aspen tree farm, we can get it cleaned up and looking like the middle of summer while your neighbors are holding their rakes from home depot.

Snow Removal

Currently providing Residential snow removal and granular ice control. We wake up before you do, so the snow is gone when you need to get somewhere!


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BGM is a great company. My yard was a wilderness and they cleaned it up in a single afternoon.

Will Sutherland BGM January 29, 2018